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We enable young and growing businesses achieve their goals through cleverly considered, strategic marketing direction

Our Mission

To empower startups, scale-ups and established brands to effectively launch, grow or adapt with maximum impact and long-lasting results.


We INVESTIGATE and understand the market, its customers and the competition. We then INTERPRET this research and turn the findings into meaningful strategies, so we can IMPLEMENT a successful marketing plan, with creative campaigns, as a CMO

Tidal Marketing works with businesses at different stages of development, with different funding mechanisms, objectives, resources and budgets and is flexible with solutions that meet your needs

Our Team

Beth Hilson


Previously Marketing Director for award-winning Marsh & Parsons with a proven track record of driving growth through creative and innovative brand and marketing strategies. Accomplished in bringing to life well thought-out strategies using tactical solutions for short- and long-term, multi-disciplined campaigns. Proficient in implementing above and below-the-line activity, PR communications and all things digital.

Charlene Burkmar MBA

Non-Exec Director

10 years experience in creating Go To Market strategies and propositions for Startups, Corporates, Government agencies and SME’s. Focused on entering new and adjacent markets, achieving growth in existing markets and sustaining the product life cycle. An agile thinker who delivers the organisational vision through comprehensive strategic plans and innovative solutions.

Our Story

We’re Beth & Charlene and we first met at university many moons ago. Having closely supported each other’s glowing marketing and strategic careers - a combined total of over 30 years - we made the decision in January 2018 to join forces.

Charlene, a left brain thinker (and PC user), is focused on developing marketing strategies aligned to the business vision, whilst Beth, a right brain thinker (and MAC user), is versed in bringing those cleverly articulated strategies to life through creative, tactical marketing solutions. Their “complete brain” philosophy creates a compelling proposition for businesses seeking marketing support.

In the words of the great Sun Tzu “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” and we couldn’t agree more. Much like the tide relies on the sun and moon to work seamlessly together; successful communications require a well thought-out strategy and clearly defined tactics to achieve the desired result too. They go hand in hand. And when the elements align, that’s when the magic happens. You can think of Beth as the sun, with her creative spirit and flare for conceiving great campaigns and Charlene as the moon, with her strong, quietly brilliant ability to ensure long-term strategies are always moving in the right direction. Together, they’re a formidable force - and already making huge waves.

Our Work

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The launch of a startup into an active market using a Go-To-Market strategy and development of the brand identity
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Workshops hosted by Tidal Marketing for Geovation’s PropTech & GeoTech startup programmes to support their launch.
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Market extension for a scale-up through proposition development and a GTM with actionable digital tactics
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Tidal Marketing joined us when we were looking to grow our marketing and build our brand. With an existing, deep knowledge of the property market they were able to quickly add value and did a fantastic job of putting the foundations of our brand and marketing strategies in place.

Jon Notley, Co-Founder & CEO, Zero Deposit

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