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Depending on the objectives, Tidal Marketing works with the business to interpret the research (or investigation stage - as we call it) to create a detailed and actionable Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM), Marketing Strategy, Product Strategy or Brand Strategy. This will produce the foundations for launch, growth, extension and all marketing campaigns, and can be produced as either one complete document or independently.

For businesses looking to launch or diversify, we recommend producing Go-To-Market, Marketing and Brand Strategies together as they are intrinsically linked. For those looking to grow, and as long as the foundations of a GTM have already been established, we will deliver the Marketing, Product and/or Brand Strategies.

The Go-To-Market Strategy is essential to identify a sustainable value proposition and hit the market with maximum exposure. It will provide:

  • A clearly articulated business vision including a mission statement, elevator pitch and business objectives
  • The details of ‘how’ and ‘where’ to launch and extend for short- and long-term success
  • Identification of the most appropriate partners to gain traction and influence within the market
  • A value proposition that best speaks to the customer needs and motivations, focused on the differentiation from competitors
  • The key messages based on the benefits delivered
  • The ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ to target the customers and their ecosystems including, users/consumers, influencers and decision makers, with clearly defined messages, objectives and KPIs for each

The Marketing Strategy will be aligned to budget and targets. The strategy will detail the best way to gain awareness, engagement and action in the market through a variety of mediums, it will provide:

  • Measurable marketing goals that respond to the business needs and market potential
  • A clear articulation of key differentiators from the competition to drive campaigns and messaging
  • A marketing plan detailing the recommended channels to engage the identified target market creatively and tactically with the ‘how’ and ‘where’

The Product Strategy will identify the opportunities, product benefits and features to meet the market in the short-, medium- and long-term. The ideation phase will generate, capture and articulate product solutions. The strategy will detail:

  • The product vision and goals
  • The customer requirements, including articulation of the customer journey
  • Details on the competitor products
  • The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) specification
  • The Product Roadmap
  • Pricing models and revenue forecasting
  • The Value Proposition
  • A business case and product plan with objectives and KPIs

The Brand Strategy is essential for creating long-term presence and competitive advantage. It can provide:

  • The brand identity - the sum of all the tangible parts, including the logo, strapline, colours, fonts, graphics, photography
  • The brand personality - the intangible components of the brand including the brand values or promise of how you'll act to serve the marketplace
  • The tone of voice - a definition of the language that will be used to represent the brand’s character - it's not what you say, but how you say it
  • The brand story - a way of communicating how you will create a difference for your customers
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Tidal Marketing joined us when we were looking to grow our marketing and build our brand. With an existing, deep knowledge of the property market they were able to quickly add value and did a fantastic job of putting the foundations of our brand and marketing strategies in place.

Jon Notley, Co-Founder & CEO, Zero Deposit

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