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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the process of using a single platform to track leads, automate personal marketing activities and to analyse the interaction and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It helps to increase loyalty and generate leads.

Marketing Automation allows you to track keywords from your SEO Strategy and provides lead-tracking from your online advertising investments. It can help to shape your Content Marketing Strategy by tracking what content your customers are reading, and it can provide an ROI on your Social Media Strategy by seeing how your posts have influenced a purchase.

The most significant use of Marketing Automation, however is via email marketing in which you can send personalised, lead-nurturing campaigns that change based on your customer’s interaction with you.

The best thing about Marketing Automation is that once the software has been set up according to your digital strategy and goals, much of the hard work is managed behind the scenes. This relieves the pressure on your marketing team, as the system will easily allow you to segment or add automation rules without too much effort.

In short, the clever technology behind Marketing Automation helps businesses to stay relevant throughout the buyer’s journey and sales cycle.

What’s the difference between Marketing Automation and Online Marketing?

Marketing Automation and Online Marketing work interdependently. Marketing Automation acts as an extension of online marketing. It needs online marketing to work effectively, just as online marketing is made more effective by Marketing Automation.

How can Marketing Automation increase revenue?

If the main objective is to generate more leads, Marketing Automation can convert cold leads into a ‘sales-ready’ prospect. Marketing Automation can also be used to follow up events, up-sell, cross-sell and keep the brand in the buyer’s mind if the sales cycle is long. It can revive old leads and also help to support the sales teams with ‘lead scores’, so they can be more efficient with their time. Carefully crafted enquiry forms and landing pages will ensure the best conversion and this can be optimised further through A/B testing.

Is investment in a Marketing Automation Tool right for your business?

You’ll need to put together a business case and consider the pros and cons of all the tools on the market to establish which ones, if anyone, are going to offer the right return. It’s also important to determine which tools will suit your current CRM and any other existing databases before you make a decision.

How can Tidal Marketing help with your Marketing Automation implementation?

We work with businesses to help them decide if Marketing Automation is a good investment. We audit their current systems and advise how they can be used more effectively or supplemented by other technology. If a complete overhaul is needed, or there are currently no systems in place, we can advise on what’s available in the marketplace (and the most suitable based on the goals). We will assess the customer engagement cycle to see where value can be added and advise how to segment the customer base to increase lead conversion. We can also manage the appointment and implementation of the Content Automation software to ensure the best return on investment is received.

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