Partnership Models

What is a Strategic Partnership Model?

Businesses will benefit from creating a strategic partnership model by working with other organisations when each has an asset, expertise or reach that supports the other’s business vision. Both businesses will usually have a mutual, long-term goal and the strategic relationship will complement each other’s proposition.

There are many benefits to building an ecosystem within your market, particularly when it comes to technology - this includes increased capability, growth, quicker development, cost reduction and a shared risk.

The Importance of creating a Strategic Partnership Model

A Strategic Partnership Model forms an important part of the Go-To-Market Strategy and when considered in-depth, it will help to reach the identified market with speed and breadth. It can be used to influence the market, enter markets that are otherwise closed, extend the offer internationally or simply to reach a larger audience as quickly as possible.

How can Tidal Marketing help you to create a Strategic Partnership Model?

Based on understanding the players in the market, thought-leaders and influencers, Tidal Marketing will produce a recommended list of Strategic Partners and the value that is brought by the collaboration. Tidal Marketing will also create the messaging and strategy to engage with the partner so the best chance of building successful relationships within your marketplace are achieved. 

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss creating a Strategic Partnership Model in more detail.

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