Northstar Therapies

The launch of a health & wellness startup focused on supporting organisations invested in employee well-being

Product Development

Considering the potential service offerings and identification of the gap in the market, developed three different products to take to market with direction on how each should be communicated to both customers and partners.

Brand Strategy

Articulation of a brand strategy to complement the brand identity by capturing the core values of the business and turning it into something meaningful and compelling for the audience.

Corporate Wellness

Northstar Therapies had a great vision, but needed Tidal Marketing’s support to bring it to life. The opportunity clearly existed, but direction on how to prioritise and focus efforts was required.

Wellness Startup

Creation of a Go-to-Market Strategy in preparation for the launch, via in-depth research into the market, customers and competition. With a full understanding of the core capability, defined where to play, how to win and who to work with.

The project started by workshopping with Northstar Therapies founder, Francesca Rogers, in which we did a deep dive and evolved the business vision, goals and core capabilities.

Very much in its infancy, Northstar Therapies had many propositions that could be taken to market, yet they needed support to define the strongest products and create an effective launch strategy, which articulated the who, what, why, when and how.

Together, we reviewed the possible markets, their dynamics, the growth opportunity and the market influencers. We then identified the most opportunistic markets and determined the most receptive audiences, along with their needs, motivations and challenges.

A competitive review enabled us to establish the business differentiator and create a value proposition for each of the audiences and partners, as identified in the partner model. This was applied to the brand, to create the vision and mission, as well as a positioning statement, elevator pitch, brand promise, brand personality, brand values and the tone of voice, which provided the fundamentals for launch.  

With a thorough understanding and knowledge of the market, we then created the messaging based on the customer journey, to articulate what to say, when to say it and how to effectively target each of the audiences.

Northstar Therapies has used this strategy to successfully launch the business, and has since been featured in trade press, gaining great exposure amongst both corporates and partners. The business continues to use the report for all marketing communications and messaging.


Charlene & Beth provided me with the perfect 'go-to-market' strategy with care and consideration for my well-being brand. New to all of this, they made my experience fun and engaging, and together were a complete powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiasm - exactly what I needed to kick start my brand into the corporate world.

Beth & Charlene's attention to detail was exceptional. They went above and beyond to complete and over-deliver the work they promised. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a professional marketing experience, with personality to boot!

Francesca Rogers, Founder, Northstar Therapies

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Tidal Marketing joined us when we were looking to grow our marketing and build our brand. With an existing, deep knowledge of the property market they were able to quickly add value and did a fantastic job of putting the foundations of our brand and marketing strategies in place.

Jon Notley, Co-Founder & CEO, Zero Deposit

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